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To keep it easy we charge just two different "shipping & handling fees" outside the delivery inside Germany, which is € 15 to all countries that belong to the EUROPEAN UNION. There is a "shipping & handling fee" of € 26 to all countries outside the EUROPEAN UNION, including the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and overseas countries, like Asia, South America and Australia.


The only possible payment from abroad is via PAY PAL, which - by the way - protects you as a client in a pefect way.


All merchandise both inside the EUROPEAN UNION and to destinations all over the world only will be shipped by registered mail only.


Please cklick here, to get a free estimation for your favorite game including shipping & and handling in €. Please add your game of choice into the corresondence field and tell us your shipping destination respectively your home address. Thank you.



This game provides both German and English rules.

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